Choong Man Fried Chicken

Classic and crispy chicken fried to golden perfection. Marinated for 24 hours in our signature spices.

Wings (10 pc) | Drumsticks (5 pcs) | Tenders (1 lb) | Whole Chicken (12 pcs) | Half Chicken (6 pcs) | Chickarones

Korean fried chicken on a plate from choongman chicken

Original Fried Chicken

Never frozen chicken tossed in our unique blend of seasoning and double fried for that perfect crispy exterior and juicy interior.

Best Garlic Soy fried chicken in Davie, Florida

Garlic Soy Chicken

Our signature fried chicken tossed in an addicting soy-garlic glaze. Tons of flavor with a hint of spice.

Korean fried chicken coated in spicy garlic sauce

Garlic Spicy Chicken

A fiery twist on our Garlic Soy Chicken, smothered in a thick, spicy sauce for an extra burst of flavor for our spice lords.

Best golden curry fried chicken in Davie, Florida

Golden Curry Chicken

Fried chicken coated in our house golden curry sauce that's irresistibly enticing. A perfect blend of warmth and spice.

battered and fried korean chicken wings covered in spicy sauce

Red Hot Chicken

Fried chicken tossed in our vibrant gochujang sauce to deliver mind numbing heat and flavor. The best Korean fried chicken, indeed.

Best Soy Garlic Spring chicken in Davie, Florida

Soy Garlic Spring Chicken

Crispy chicken drenched in a savory soy glaze, then crowned with fresh spring onions marinated in our house dressing for a burst of freshness and flavor.

Best lemon spring chicken in Davie, Florida

Lemon Spring Chicken

A zesty blend of lemon and wasabi flavors, featuring our crispy fried chicken topped with fresh spring onions and our signature lemon dressing.

Best cheesy fried chicken in Davie, Florida

Cheese Monster

For the ultimate cheese lovers, our fried chicken is generously coated in a sweet and salty cheesy powder, and served with a homemade cheese sauce.

Korean fried chicken covered in onions and flavorful sauce.

Snow Onion Chicken

Crispy Korean fried chicken crowned with fresh sliced onions, then lavishly draped in a refreshing, creamy white sauce. A crowd favorite.

best hot green chicken in Davie, Florida

Hot Green Chicken

Double fried Korean chicken smothered in sweet onions and one of our hottest concoctions, the Choong Man Hot Green Sauce.

Korean fried chicken on a plate from choongman chicken

Curry Onion Chicken

Fried chicken tossed in our sweet, golden curry sauce and topped with sliced onions to create a mouthwatering fusion.

garlic soy korean fried chicken

Tikkudak Chicken

Fried chicken coated in rich flavors, then charcoal-grilled to achieve a delectable caramelization and deep, smoky undertones, complemented by an irresistible crunch.

Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Twice-fried crispy chicken, sandwiched between warm buns and smothered in our mouthwatering sauces, delivering a burst of flavor with every bite.

Red Hot Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken glazed with our irresistibly bold red hot spicy sauce. Sweet, spicy, and packed with flavor.

Snow Onion Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken smothered in sweet onions and drizzled with our house Snow Sauce.

Snow Garlic Chicken Sandwich

Garlic soy chicken sandwiched between two buns, topped with onions and our famous snow sauce.


Crafted locally and delivered regurlarly for peak freshness, our desserts blend Asian and American flavors to create an unique experience only found at Choong Man Chicken.

Fried Calamari

Crispy rings of calamari, battered then fried to perfection.

Hand Breaded Grouper

Fresh grouper fillets coated hand breaded and deep fried to deliver a delightful crunch with every bite.

Beer Battered Haddock

Flaky haddock fillets coated in golden beer batter and fried.


Crafted locally and delivered regularly for peak freshness, our desserts blend Asian and American flavors for a unique Choong Man Chicken experience.

Strawberry Matcha Brownie

A decadent brownie infused with the delicate flavors of strawberry and matcha, creating a delightful fusion of sweetness and earthy undertones.

World Famous Ube Brownie

Brownies infused with a rich and decadent blend of purple yams, creating a unique and irresistible treat enjoyed by dessert lovers worldwide.

Black Sesame Brownie

Inspired by Korean desserts, our black sesame brownie offers a delightful fusion of rich, nutty flavors and indulgent chocolate goodness, creating a unique and irresistible treat.


Experience a diverse array of beverages at Choong Man Chicken, ranging from traditional Korean drinks to sodas, alcoholic beverages, and Asian beers on tap. Don't miss our exclusive seasonal drinks and teas crafted by our BOBARISTA robot, available only at Choong Man Chicken.


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